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Everything to know about Camilla’s ‘Coronation Necklace’ | The Express Tribune


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In a dazzling display of regal elegance and what many may term, questionable imperial traditions, Queen Camilla adorned herself with the renowned “Coronation Necklace” during the momentous crowning ceremony of King Charles III on Saturday, May 06, at the Westminster Abbey.

The Independent reported that this exquisite piece of jewellery, which has been worn during coronations in 1902, 1911, 1937, and 1953, graced the Queen’s presence as she arrived alongside King Charles. The diamonds adorning the Coronation Necklace were part of Queen Victoria’s esteemed collection of jewellery, as stated by the Royal Collection Trust. Notably, it boasts the Lahore Diamond, which was previously part of the illustrious Timur Ruby Necklace.

The Coronation Necklace’s origins date back to 1858 when it was specially crafted for Queen Victoria, as per The Court Jeweller. Comprising a total of 26 diamonds, including a breathtaking 22.48-carat pendant – the Lahore diamond – this majestic gem had once been part of the Lahore Treasure in the Punjab region, presently known as Pakistan. In 1851, the diamond found its way into the hands of Queen Victoria, presented to her during the period when British colonists assumed control of the area in 1849.

Queen Victoria held the necklace in high regard, evident from her portrayal wearing it in portraits commemorating her Diamond Jubilee. The necklace made its coronation debut in 1902 when Queen Alexandra proudly adorned it, followed by Queen Mary in 1911. In 1937, the Queen Mother Elizabeth also had the honour of wearing this magnificent piece.

Additionally, Garrard, Queen Victoria’s esteemed jeweller, crafted a pair of diamond pendant Coronation Earrings. This dazzling set comprises cushion-cut diamond collet studs and two opulent pear-shaped pendants. When Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1953, she chose the Coronation Necklace and Earrings as her primary jewellery for her momentous Coronation Day. Queen Elizabeth cherished this set throughout her reign, frequently donning it for momentous occasions such as state dinners.

Queen Camilla’s selection of the Coronation Necklace pays homage to the rich history and tradition associated with the British monarchy. But it also serves as a reminder of Britain’s imperial past. Alongside the necklace, Queen Camilla wore matching diamond earrings that were once the side stones in the Indian setting of the Koh-i-noor, a diamond that previously adorned Queen Mary’s Crown. While Queen Camilla was crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown, the Koh-i-noor or any of its replicas did not feature in her regal ensemble.

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