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Former UC Davis student arrested over campus stabbings charges


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Former UC Davis student, 21, arrested in connection to campus stabbings.—via Facebook/Fox40

A 21-year-old former UC Davis student has been arrested in connection with a series of stabbings that occurred near the campus, leaving two people dead and one critically injured. The community has been left in shock and fear following the attacks, which all took place within a span of five days.

Carlos Dominguez, the suspect in the case, was arrested on two counts of homicide and one count of attempted murder. According to Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel, all three stabbings are believed to be connected, and Dominguez is believed to be the sole perpetrator.

The first of the attacks occurred on Thursday, April 29th, when 50-year-old David Breaux was fatally stabbed at a park near the UC Davis campus. The second attack took place the following day when UC Davis senior Karim Abou Najm was also fatally stabbed at a different park near the campus. The third and final attack happened on Monday, May 3rd, and left a woman in critical condition.

Dominguez was a third-year student at UC Davis until April 25th, when he was expelled for academic reasons. He was initially taken into custody on Wednesday, May 5th, for possessing a large knife and was later arrested in connection to the stabbings.

During a press conference, Chief Pytel revealed that about 15 people had called the police on Wednesday afternoon to report someone matching the suspect’s description from the third attack near Sycamore Park. When officers arrived on the scene, they found Dominguez wearing the same clothing from the third attack and carrying a large knife.

The community has been left reeling in the aftermath of these attacks. UC Davis released a statement expressing their condolences to the families and friends of the victims and offering support to those who may have been impacted by the violence. The statement also emphasized the importance of looking out for one another and reporting any suspicious behaviour to authorities.

The motive for the stabbings remains unclear at this time. However, the arrest of Dominguez provided some relief to the community and allowed the police to continue their investigation. As the case continues to unfold, authorities are urging anyone with information related to the attacks to come forward.

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