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Hamza Sohail starrer ‘Fairy Tale’ renewed for season 2 | The Express Tribune


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The Fairy Tale has not concluded yet, and perhaps there are more happily ever afters for us to witness. The Ramazan special romantic drama Fairy Tale starring Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail in lead roles is getting another season, confirms writer Sarah Majeed. Fans had anticipated a sequel on the day of Eid only when the channel concluded the drama with a tagline “To be continued….”

On Wednesday, about two weeks after Eid, Majeed took to Instagram to confirm the news. “‘To be continued!’ It was announced officially by Hum TV on Eid Day so, undoubtedly yes, there is a sequel of Fairy Tale (Season 2)” she wrote.

After confirming, the writer asked fans to stop bombarding her with questions and be patient for the next season to drop. “It’s my humble request, please stop asking the same questions: Will there be a season 2? Are you really writing a season 2? Will Hamza Sehar be in Season 2? Will the whole cast be the same? Will they have the same story in season 2? Please write season 2. We want season 2. Why don’t you guys make season 2?” she added.

However, she answered one question. “Now, the question is when will season 2 come? Not confirmed yet. stay connected,” Majeed concluded while thanking her fans for all the love they showered her and the drama with last month.

Directed by Ali Hassan. Fairy Tale tells the story of Umeed, played by Khan, a young middle-class girl who dreams of living the life of a princess and is always trying to find ways to become rich quickly. Apart from Sohail as the main lead, the romantic drama also stars Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Salma Hasan and others.

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