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Heartfelt 1919 soldier’s letter for his mom reaches home in time for Mother’s Day after 100 years


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Jan Bellis-Squires of Beaverton, Oregon (Left) seen holding the letter from his grandfather Carl Howe (Right) that he wrote for his mother.

In a heartwarming discovery, a letter written by a young American soldier in 1919 has been reunited with his descendants over a century later, just in time for Mother’s Day. 

Carl Howe, the soldier, penned an emotional letter expressing his longing for his mother while serving overseas, according to the USA Today.

Recognising its significance, a researcher from stumbled upon the letter on eBay and felt compelled to bring it back to Howe’s family. After acquiring the letter for $150, the research team embarked on a mission to trace the soldier’s lineage.

This is the Mothers Day letter written in 1919 was salvaged from eBay and given to the granddaughter of the soldier who wrote it.
This is the Mother’s Day letter written in 1919 was salvaged from eBay and given to the granddaughter of the soldier who wrote it.

Using clues from the letter and conducting thorough research, they successfully located the family’s information, including the daughter of the soldier who was only six years old when he passed away. Jan Bellis-Squires of Beaverton, Oregon, Howe’s granddaughter, finally received the letter at the end of April, providing her with an emotional connection to a grandfather she had never known. 

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Bellis-Squires described the letter as a treasure, expressing her regret at not being able to know her grandfather personally.

Roi Mandel, the director of research at MyHeritage, expressed his team’s excitement at the happy ending, as they believed the letter deserved to be returned to its rightful place in history. He emphasized the sentimental and historical value of such artifacts, which transcend their monetary worth. Mandel revealed that the letter would be passed on to future generations, preserving a piece of personal and poignant history.

The story showcases the enduring power of personal connections and the significance of preserving historical artifacts. 

Howe’s heartfelt letter serves as a poignant reminder of the deep bond between a soldier and his mother, while also highlighting the efforts undertaken by dedicated researchers to ensure that such treasures find their way back home.

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