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Apple iOS 16 is Coming out: New Features, New Widgets, and an old Android Feature

Sep 12, 2022
iOS 16

Apple iOS 16 is, at last, carried out to qualified iPhones today. The product update was first revealed at the WWDC occasion in June this year. With the new programming, iPhone clients will want to redo the text style, variety, and arrangement of components on the lock screen among numerous different things. The product likewise permits clients to impart a different iCloud photograph library to up to five others.

The greatest change in iOS 16 is seemingly a complete update of the lock screen, which is currently considerably more adaptable than it was in iOS 15 and previously. Clients will want to add vivified backdrops and custom intuitive gadgets to a few swappable, custom lock screens. Lock screens can likewise change in light of the ongoing Spotlight mode on the iPhone, expanding on another new iOS highlight.

Releasing Times of iOS 16

Apple iOS 16 will start being carried out to clients all over the planet today. In India, the rollout will begin at 10 pm on September 12. It is accessible for Apple iPhone 8 and later gadgets. These incorporate iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Smaller than usual, iPhone 13 Master, iPhone 13 Genius Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Scaled down, iPhone 12 Star, iPhone 12 Expert Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Ace, iPhone 11 Ace Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Or more and iPhone SE (second era or later). The new iPhone 14 series-iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Or more, iPhone 14 Master and iPhone 14 Expert Max accompany iOS 16 out-of-the-case.

iOS 16

Change the Lock Screen

The title new element of iOS 16 is the capacity to customize the Lock Screen with diverse backdrops, gadgets, and custom textual styles for the date and time, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise choose a bunch of photographs to rearrange on the Lock Screen over the day.

The new Lock Screen display grandstands a scope of Lock Screen choices, including another Weather conditions backdrop with live weather patterns and a Space science backdrop that gives perspectives on the Earth, Moon, and Planetary group. iOS 16 incorporates support for different Lock Screen plans, permitting you to switch between your top picks with a swipe.

Change or Unsend an iMessage

iOS 16 acquaints the capacity to briefly alter or unsend messages, as well as imprint iMessage discussions as uninitiated in the wake of opening them.

Apple permits you to alter an iMessage for as long as 15 minutes in the wake of sending it, with up to five alters permitted per message. Beneficiaries can see a record of alters made to the message, and on gadgets running iOS 15 or prior, altered messages are gotten as another message that expresses “Altered to [new message].”

To alter or unsend a message, just tap and hang on an air pocket and select the suitable choice in the menu that shows up. iMessages that have been altered are set apart as “altered” underneath the message bubble. SMS messages (green air pockets) can’t be altered or unsent.
Utilize the Full-Screen Music Player
iOS 16 once again introduces a full-screen music player on the Lock Screen with an enormous collection of craftsmanship and a variety of matched backdrops.

Apple last offered a full-screen music player on the Lock Screen on iOS 10 in 2016. If you could do without the component, you can tap on the lower part of the showcase to limit the music player and return to your standard Lock Screen backdrop.

Numerous STOPS IN Maps

You are coming back after visiting your Auntie Bea, and you out of nowhere understand that assuming you go on a short side outing, you can make an appearance at one of your number one book shops. Try not to need to get lost. Presently, in iOS 16, you can rapidly add the location of the book shop to your excursion plan and get bearings that will allow you to stop there and afterward view your way back home.

It’s an extremely convenient component that Android has had since around 2017. Apple Guides has surely progressed significantly since its lamentable send-off quite a while back, however, the potholes in the way along its improvement have been similar to this model — requiring an extremely past due filling at each update.


In iOS 16, if you hit “Send” on an email and abruptly acknowledge you put some unacceptable individual’s name on it, you presently have 10 seconds to adjust your perspective and fix the send (accepting the other individual is additionally utilizing iOS 16). You can likewise plan an email to be sent whenever you like or use Help Later to remind yourself to remember an email you would rather not manage right away.

APPLE LIVE Inscriptions

iOS 16 has added Live Inscriptions, which offer continuous records for recordings, sound, and discussion. This is an incredibly valuable element, for individuals with hearing inabilities as well as for anybody who necessities to follow a discussion.

Android has had a Live Subtitle capability beginning around 2019 and presently gives prompt interpretations to those subtitles in a few dialects (albeit the exactness of those interpretations will presumably not satisfy those of a human interpreter). Yet, hello, regardless of whether Apple is by and by late on this, it’s surely a success for openness — and for watching recordings with your telephone quieted when you’re too lethargic to even consider getting your miniature headphones.

HAPTIC Input ON Console

Composing on a telephone still for the most part sucks in 2022, and a piece of that is from the absence of criticism you get while tapping. Few out of every odd info gadget necessities to have the input of a mechanical console, yet it’s good to know when you’ve composed a letter on an onscreen board. Accordingly, iOS 16 has now presented haptic input on its onscreen console. Android has had it basically for as far back as we can recollect.

The primary distinction here is that you need to empower haptic criticism in iOS 16; in Android, it is consequently empowered on most telephones (yet you can cripple it assuming you need to). How about we credit this one to the “How has it taken this long?” count of elements, and we’ll make certain to sing from the rafters that iPhone clients presently, fortunately, have this essential usefulness.


iOS 16 will before long allow you to make shared photograph libraries — called the iCloud Shared Photograph Library — dependent either upon a date or on who is in the photographs. You can impart your photograph library to up to five individuals. (Obviously, this element will not quickly transport when iOS 16 does, so you might have to stand by a little.) Google Photographs allows you to share your whole library — given a beginning date or on who is in the photographs — with a solitary accomplice.

On Display Mode

OK, this one’s a big deal. One of the many elements presented at the new Apple occasion is a consistently in plain view, which might be accessible on the iPhone 14 Star and Ace Max. Continuously on shows let you look at that point and gadgets and get other supportive data in any event, when the telephone is snoozing. It’s something Apple Watch clients have approached since the Series 5, however, Apple is just placing it in the iPhone now — and gating it to the fancier Genius models.

This is the sort of thing that Android telephones have had for the majority of 10 years. A component Google truly put in the very front with Android 12, where it made the consistently in plain view shows a gigantic computerized clock of course when the telephone’s screen sits very still. In the meantime, this time, each iPhone has quite recently been a dormant dark square shape until it’s contacted or when a notification comes in.

iOS 16


This is a fairly bizarre one. iOS 16 presently permits you to amount to four gadgets to your lock screen (gave the application engineer offers one).

Android 4.2 offered lock screen gadgets around quite a while back in any case, out of the blue, chose to remove them again in Android 5.0. So regardless of whether we ought to count this depends on you.

Maybe Apple’s generally spotless history of sitting on thoughts until they are completely heated (Siri and unique HomePod, in any case) will work over here, and lock screen gadgets will turn into a vital pillar of most iPhone clients’ propensities. Or on the other hand, perhaps it will simply be another odd characteristic just utilized and darling by a few of us creeps — you know, similar to how standard gadgets are in any case.

Battery Percentage

The battery Percentage will be shown in the top right corner inside of the battery icon. This feature is introduced by apple for the first time in iOS 16. Android phones have had this feature from the begining.

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