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Israeli air raids on Gaza,12 Palestinians killed – SUCH TV


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At least 12 people have been killed in what Israeli forces said were air attacks on Palestinians. 

Israeli air attack hits residential apartment building ‘in the middle’ of Gaza City
An international journalist Youmna El Sayed, reporting from Gaza, said Israeli forces targeted a residential apartment building right “in the middle of Gaza City” and in Rafah in the southern part of the strip.

“Whenever there is targeting of residential apartments, there are always casualties [among] civilians,” El Sayed said.

Forty Israeli military aircraft and drones involved in Gaza air raids

Israeli forces said that 40 aircraft and drones were involved in the attacks on the Gaza Strip that have killed 12 people.

The Israeli military said that 10 sites — described as military compounds and locations for the production of weapons — were targeted in the densely-populated coastal enclave.

Palestinian health officials said that nine of the 12 people killed in the Israeli air raids were civilians.

Twenty others that were injured in the missile attacks were also civilians.

Twenty civilians wounded in Israeli raids
At least 12 people, including nine civilians, have been killed in Israeli raids on Gaza.

Youmna El Sayed, reporting journalist from the Gaza Strip, said at least 20 others were also wounded in the air attacks.

All of the wounded were civilians, she said.


Israel closes two crossing points with Gaza until further notice

COGAT, a unit in the Israeli defence ministry that coordinates civilian affairs with Palestinian authorities, said two crossings with Gaza have been closed for entry and exit of people and goods until further notice, an international news agency reported.

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