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Javed Sheikh recounts Salman waiting in a mall to meet Momal | The Express Tribune


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In a recent podcast interview with Hafiz Ahmed, renowned veteran actor Javed Sheikh delighted fans with a heartwarming anecdote about an unforgettable encounter he and his daughter, Momal Sheikh, had with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan a few years ago. Sheikh was a part of Om Shanti Om, in which Salman makes a special appearance for the song, Deewangi Deewangi.

Sheikh began by stating that he shares a good relationship with all the Indian stars he’s worked with, be it Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, or Shah Rukh Khan. “I think as a human – everyone’s given me respect – I personally think, even though we haven’t interacted much or worked together, but the respect that I see in his eyes for me on some occasions – that star is Salman Khan.”

He further recalled, “Once, we had a match in Dubai – the Indian actors were playing against a team – and some of my Pakistani friends took me alongside. He came there – there was a small gallery and I was sitting there with my friends. Salman arrived, with people crowding him, getting pictures taken. He looked at me from afar, so I said mimed a greeting. He left all those people he was taking pictures with, came to me, greeted me, and asked me how I was. That was big of him, I really liked this gesture.”

Sheikh then recounted another instance. “Once, I was in London with my daughter for an award function. My daughter mentioned that she’d heard Salman was in London. She asked me to call him to set up a meeting with her and her friends. I said, ‘I will not call him – the question does not arise.’ They pushed, but I refused – this is not my style. To date, I have not done this with any actor once I finished my work there. Everyone has their own style.”

He continued, “Coincidentally, two days later, I was at a mall. There, at a shop, I saw Salman. He greeted me and asked me how I was. When I was talking to him, I remembered Momal talking about him. I just asked Salman how long he was there. He asked, ‘Why?’ I said my daughter and her friends want to take pictures with you. ‘Where are they?’ he asked. I said they were not present there, which is why I asked how long he was there. He said, ‘Forget about the time, call them here.’ This was such a huge deal.”

Shedding further light on the incident, Sheikh said, “I called Momal and said that what she’d asked for had happened. Salman is with me, wherever you are, come. She was overjoyed. They headed over and till then, to kill time, Salman kept browsing the various shops. It was a huge gesture. Even though he was done with his shopping, because he said he’d do it, he had to honour it.” 

The heartwarming encounter has clearly left a lasting impression on Sheikh, as he seems to cherish the warmth and positivity that emanated from the Dabangg star.

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