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K-pop band EXO’s company asks fans to not send mail to Kai in military


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The idol unexpectedly announced his enlistment plans earlier and left for training soon after

K-pop group EXO’s agency SM Entertainment has requested that fans of the group refrain from sending mail to Kai while he’s in the military. The agency posted a statement on May 12th on KWANGYA CLUB, a fan community.

Their full statement can be found below:


This is SM Entertainment.

With EXO-L’s warm support, Kai safely entered the training center.

We are providing a notice for cooperation to EXO-L as we think there will be a lot of internet letters and mail sent to Kai during his training.

While we really understand the way fans worry for and support Kai, when a large amount of letters and mail come all at once to the training center, they are difficult to store and may become lost, and many difficulties may arise in the training center, such as the delivery delay of other trainees’ letters due to the large number of prints.

Out of necessity, we ask that you refrain from using internet letters and sending mail as much as possible during Kai’s training period.

If you leave your messages for Kai in Kai’s Bubble messages or on the KWANGYA CLUB EXO-L community, we plan to show them all to Kai once he’s completed his training, so we ask EXO-L for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.”

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