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King Charles may support ‘staged abdication’ after 10 years: report


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King Charles may support ‘staged abdication’ after 10 years

King Charles, who is preparing for his official coronation next month, might support a ‘staged abdication’ to function as a ‘King Father’ after his eldest son Prince William ascends the throne.

The Daily Mail, citing insiders, reported King Charles has a ‘ten-year plan’ and the monarch is working on the assumption he can expect a decade of reasonable health.

The source said King Charles, who waited so long to reach the throne, aspires to be a high-profile, high-impact monarch in Britain and abroad.

The publication further reported there is a tension between the old monarchy traditions and the issues of the day.

The key to King Charles success will be the balance of traditional values and his ambition.

Meanwhile, the report also quoted Sir Vernon Bogdanor, Professor of Government at King’s College London, as saying “As Prince of Wales, Charles pioneered the public service monarchy.

“He appreciated that monarchy could not survive just by being seen. It also had to be seen to be contributing to society.”

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