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Level Up Your House Parties, Thanks To Gourmet Food From Your Favourite Hotels


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Ever since the pandemic ended, house parties have indeed become quite popular and that too by choice. We no longer find it a hassle to host our family and loved ones at our own homes. The idea is to have a comfortable and spacious setting without having to worry about time or cost. Further, people are now customising everything at their house parties, right from the décor to the food and drinks. Typically, in Indian homes, the idea would be to prepare food at home from scratch. But doesn’t it become a cumbersome task to whip up a meal for so many people? Home chefs are now in for a treat as hotels are serving up five-star gourmet food at home, offering the same gastronomic experience as the one at your favourite restaurants.

Whether it’s a party for fifty guests or a gathering up to a thousand attendees, five-star hotels are catering for it all. Thus, a home or a guest’s house can transform into a party place with gourmet food, bespoke decoration and impeccable service. It is possible to get the same quality food in the comfort of your home thanks to these catering ventures by prominent hotels. Some hotels are even offering customised gifting hampers and on-site entertainment along with five-star quality food.  

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And this trend is here to stay long after the pandemic is over. A number of hotel chains are now entering the premium catering space, leaving customers and party hosts spoilt for choice. According to Abhimanyu Singh Lodha, General Manager at The Lodhi, “Our goal is to curate events that are personalized, luxurious, and special by offering our expertise to delight our discerning guests beyond the environs of our hotel as well. We take pride in offering an exclusive range of food and beverages that are tailored to meet the specific culinary requirements and desires of our clients.” 

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Chef LUTF from Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, added, “We cater to events as small as 100 people and as large as 1000+, providing an exceptional variety of vegetarian cuisine that is our benchmark.” So, is there any difference in the quality of the food served at the restaurant versus that served at the gourmet catering venue? Not at all, adds the chef. “The chef at the venue also uses the same high-quality ingredients, cooking techniques, and recipes that are used in the hotel kitchen to ensure that the food tastes just as good as it would if it were served in the hotel. They are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to set up and serve food at any location, whether it’s a corporate event or a social gathering,” he revealed. 

What did you think of this trend of home catering by hotels? Tell us in the comments below.  

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