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Prince Harry ‘looking for an excuse’ to skip King Charles coronation


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 Prince Harry could skip his father King Charles III’s coronation as he’s “looking for an excuse” to avoid the landmark ceremony, a royal biographer has claimed.

Royal expert Tom Bower has warned King Charles and the royal family of Harry’s ‘last-minute stunt’ ahead of the ceremony.

 Bower, as per a report by GB News, has shared his opinion that there are chances Harry might reverse his decision to join the ceremony, saying: “I think there is more to come… I’m sure that when Harry is here, or just before he arrives, something else will come out of California. And unfortunately, it’ll overshadow what the Coronation is meant to be about.”

“I’ve always suspected that [Harry] didn’t want to come. I didn’t think he would come and I think he’s looking for an excuse not to come because quite clearly he has been put back into the guest list area of the Abbey rather than the front,” the royal expert added.

Bower went on: “I suspect he’ll look for an excuse until the very last moment not to come. And that’ll be the stunt they’ll pull… But unfortunately he’s played into their hands on this.”

Meghan’s husband Harry has already confirmed to attend the King’s historic event without his wife and children.

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