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Prince William thought Prince Harry was ‘obsessed’ with getting married


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Prince Harry was not happy how his father then-Prince Charles and his brother Prince William responded when he revealed his plans to marry Meghan Markle.

Royal author Robert Jobson claimed that the Duke of Sussex had dropped a “bombshell” on his father and he was not ready to hear what his father said next, via

In his new book, which is being serialised by Daily Mail, Jobson said that the now-King told Harry that he could no longer afford to pay for him and his wife along with his big brother Prince William and his family. Not only Charles was supporting William’s growing family, he was also supporting his wife Camilla.

The author alleged that Prince William questioned whether his younger brother was sure he wanted to marry the former Suits actress.

“Are you sure, Harold?” William supposedly said in the meeting with Harry and his father. He added that “anything might happen” if he married the American divorcee.

He warned, “She’s an American actress after all, Harold, anything might happen.”

Jobson explained that William’s caution was more about his younger brother being “obsessed” with getting married.

The reports come as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to respond to their invitation for the King’s upcoming Coronation ceremony in May. It is expected that the pair will declare whether one or both of them will be in attendance.

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