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Pulitzer Prize winners honoured for courageous journalism on Ukraine war


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A Ukrainian soldier by a destroyed bridge near the Ukrainian border with Russia in the Kharkiv region. AFP/File 

The Pulitzer Prizes for 2023 were announced in New York on Monday. It is clear that coverage of the ongoing war in Ukraine and Russia’s invasion of the country was a major theme among the winners. 

The New York Times was awarded the prize for international reporting for its “unflinching” coverage of the conflict, which included an eight-month investigation into Ukrainian deaths in the town of Bucha. This report was crucial in shedding light on the horrors of the war and the impact it had on civilians.

The Associated Press was awarded the public service prize for its “courageous” reporting on the siege of the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which Russian troops captured a year ago. The agency also won the breaking news photography award for its “unique and urgent images” from the first weeks of the conflict.

Other newspapers were also recognized for their reporting on critical issues. The Los Angeles Times won the breaking news reporting prize for its coverage of a secretly recorded conversation between local council members that included racist comments. This report sparked an important conversation about racism and prejudice in local government.

The Wall Street Journal‘s investigative reporting team was awarded for its stories on financial conflicts of interest among federal officials at 50 government agencies. These reports were crucial in highlighting the need for transparency in government and holding officials accountable for their actions., a news outlet in the southern state of Alabama, won two awards. The first was the local reporting prize for its expose on how a local police force preyed on residents to inflate its revenue. The second award recognised the outlet’s commitment to shining a light on significant issues affecting their community.

This year’s Pulitzer Prizes reminded us of the importance of journalism in holding those in power accountable and shining a light on critical issues affecting society. These journalists and news outlets were recognized for their dedication and diligent work, and their reporting will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the world.

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