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Udaariyaan: Fateh and Tejo aren’t are not Biological Parents of Nehmat

Sep 8, 2022

In Udaariyaan We saw how Jasmine revealed Nehmat’s parentage to her. Nehmat turned bowled over to recognize that Fateh and Tejo weren’t her organic mother and father and she confronted them for hiding the truth.

On the other hand, Jasmine indicates her family snapshots to Naaz and Naaz becomes happy to recognize that Tejo is her mom’s sister. In addition, as Rupy tells Satti about Jasmine, they rush to see her.

Then, Tejo, indignant with Jasmine, also arrives to question Jasmine. However, they’re only met with the aid of a letter written by using Jasmine, who left Naaz. In the upcoming episode, we are able to see Tejo revealing about Naaz and Jasmine and Jasmine cries as she leaves. Udaariyaan is very popular with people.

As subsequently, Jasmine unveils the identification of Naaz in front of Tejo even as leaving the village, as she has surpassed her duties to Tejo by announcing that now, it’s far from her grimy to provide an amazing existence to her daughter as she is not any greater near her and could by no means return in their existence. However, Tejo is stunned to get something like this as she in no way ever predicted it.

After some time, when Tejo comes to her residence with Naaz feels a bit bizarre because she couldn’t reveal the reality about Jasmine in front of her, because it will affect negatively on her as her mother fled to leave her in any such manner. Therefore, she sends her within the room and asks everybody to come together, after which unleashes the whole lot that Jasmine left her daughter even after leaving the area. Similarly, she mentions, that Jasmine said that now they need to take care of their daughter, as she surpassed her duty to them. Udaariyaan is very popular with people.

Udaariyaan the colors shown produced through Dreamiyata enjoyment has visible surprising drama with Jasmine (Isha Malviya) wrecking the happiness of Fateh (Ankit Gupta) and Tejo (Priyanka Chaudhary) all over again. She has told Nehmat that Fateh and Tejo are not her dad and mom. This dissatisfied Nehmat lot.

Alternatively, she has left a letter for her mother and father and Tejo wherein she has talked about Naaz being together with her circle of relatives. Jasmine has left Moga for true, after securing Naaz’s future. She has additionally noted in a letter to her father that Nehmat isn’t her youngster and that the most effective Naaz is her youngster.

The approaching drama will see Nehmat sooner or later opening as much as Fateh and Tejo. Tejo as we understand has been in reality scared about Nehmat’s reaction to the fact. However, Nehmat will tell Fateh and Tejo in no way to depart her by myself. They’ll once more bond like a happy family which will make Fateh and Tejo relieved. Udaariyaan is very popular with people.

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