House of the Dragon episode 3

Game of Thrones generally had an eye for battle

House of the Dragon's third episode closes with Daemon Targaryen getting to flaunt why he's quite possibly of the most dreaded fighter in the Seven Kingdoms

After a sneaky beginning, it turns into something instantly recognizable as a Game of Thrones battle.

The war for the Stepstones may be led by Corlys and Daemon, but

its last fight is eventually won by Laenor Velaryon riding in on his winged serpent, Seasmoke.

The greater part of Game of Thrones greatest fights was cordoned off into their own episodes.

This first fight in the show clarifies that, because of the show's enormous financial plan, gigantic fights are prepared to break out whenever in House of the Dragon.

There's no requirement for the show to clear the runway for its best battles, giving every episode a smidgen greater suddenness and flightiness.