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‘Yellowstone’ star Wendy Moniz gushes over co-actor Kevin Costner amid his exit


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‘Yellowstone’ star Wendy Moniz gushes over co-actor Kevin Costner amid his exit

Yellowstone actor Wendy Moniz gushed over co-star Kevin Costner for being “really professional” following his exit from the series.

The drama around the Costner’s exit may be brewing on Yellowstone off camera, but on set, Moniz has a “really easy” working relationship with the legendary actor.

“We definitely had a natural ease with each other out of the gate and it came across on screen it seems. I think sometimes people have chemistry naturally and sometimes they don’t, and they have to fake it and it still works. It’s that intangible thing,” the actress, 54, exclusively told Us Weekly on Saturday.

She further continued, “Working with him has just been really easy and a pleasure and we find humor in our scenes together and playfulness and I think that helps with the dynamic too.”

Moniz plays Senator Lynelle Perry, who grows closer to Costner’s character John Dutton, the new governor of Montana, in the Paramount series.

“I kind of knew it was coming, so it wasn’t a shock when I read it,” she told about John taking over Lynelle’s title.

“But I thought it was a great twist and I think it makes for a more layer complicated dynamic between the two of them. It certainly has been this season because his character is very stubborn and so she’s gotta kind of go in there and school him and try to get him to bend a little bit and it ain’t easy.”

As for Lynelle’s future, she teased, “Running for president!”

“She just keeps going up the ladder,” she told the outlet. “I would want her to end up just killing it in her field like she has been. And I guess I just want her to continue to climb because that’s what she’s good at.”

Moniz also noted that the characters really “care about each other,” but wasn’t bothered with the addition of Dutton’s new love interest Summer Higgins, played by Piper Perabo.

“I thought that it threw a little curve into the groove that they were in together,” she said.

“And I think that kind of friction makes for good TV and fun storytelling.” she added.

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